Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you, internet!

Narrowed down my design choices to one and went from there to expand upon that idea with three variations. I'm digging no. 1 and no. 3. I might combine some elements when I got to my more finalized version next with a complete turn around!

I work in black and white and very stiffly at this stage just to get my shape design down. My turnaround will be more more organic and I might even change up the post a little bit just for fun. I'll also do color choices.


The Magician and the Homunculus Costume Designs Part 1

Some designs for the Homunculus. Initial thumbnails to get a general shape down. Number 10, the last one is my favorite so far and I'm learning towards exploring that one.


Daily... painting?

For Fun

For fun when I was in Chicago last week. I felt outta practice so I did a quick 'easy' piece of art just to get back into the swing of things.

It was awesome

image courtesy of gnomonschool.com and Blue Canvas

Last night's Blue Canvas event at Gnomon was awesome. Listened to the pros talk about composition, lighting, their insights into the industry and some tips for new artists.

Nathan Ota brought up a good point that I think everyone needs to be aware of. For young people getting into the entertainment industry, if you're taking a traditional class with a professor or your professor is a traditional artist be respectful and take his or her advice. It's valid, it's awesome. They might not be doing the kind of work that some students admire directly or they might not work the exact same way, but the approach is the same. It's all art. It's advice from a top-notch artist at the top of his or her game. What shocks me is that anyone would think differently.


Turnaround 1

This is sorta bad to just 'go for it,' but its for me and I kinda when what I wanted when I started. More turnarounds soon!

Also, tonight at Gnomon School of Visual Effects Cecil Kim, Nathan Ota and James Paick will be giving a lecture on composition. I took a class on environment design with Cecil Kim and he is awesome and inspiring. I hope to see some of my Gnomon buddies as well. See you there!


Horn Designs

Rewarded myself for finishing some turnaround paper dolls (boring, dull, painstaking stuff) with some fun design stuff for another project.


Getting to work

Just came back from Chicago. Had an amazing time out that way, spending time with the boyfriend. But now I'm back to work. Posting a few sketches I did while I was there which will eventually make its way into some character design and some turnarounds.