Updates, Updates and Chiss

Whoops. Looks like I haven't blogged in so long that the google got its hands on blogger, and the entire interface changed. Can't say I hate it. I'll know more by the time I get to the end of posting!

I've done a lot of work over the past half a year or so since I've posted. I've been interviewed over at dualshockers, which was a real pleasure and privilege. I've done a few independent projects, but mostly I've freelance for a whole variety of private clients within the MMORPG community, especially the role play community.

I took the suggestion of one of my friends and started putting a logo on my pieces, as my signature really didn't garner any reputation, or tell folks on the internet how to find me and my work. So, a huge thank you to Sven for the suggestion.

I want to highlight a piece I just finished for Six over at ebon-hawk.net, and my thoughts on Chiss and painting Chiss eyes. From my observations of animals; and there are even so many species of under-water critters we haven't even found yet, so take this with a grain of salt; I haven't seen too many critters with just flat, solid-colored eyes. Even insects have honey-combing going on with clusters of multiple eyes. The idea that Chiss just have flat eyes bothered me. I decided for the sake of making those eyes expressive and full, that they should have something that gives at least the impression of an iris and pupil, while still adhering the Chiss eyes being red on red.

Some work from the past six months. A lot of portraits, a lot of commissions.

 Okay, blogger-google. Not bad. Not too bad at all.